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Yogi Bhajan taught a series of powerful rebirthing yoga classes to clear the subconscious mind of past pain, hidden memories, and old emotional patterns that compromise our happiness and sabotage our success. These classes are some of the most transformational practices in Kundalini Yoga and were taught with the extended playing of the Gong by Yogi Bhajan.

“In the spiritual world, rebirthing is a process in which an individual, her psyche, and her pranic psyche are reunited at the time when the breath of life became the supporter of life, the original pure psyche from the Navel Point.” – Yogi Bhajan

When these rebirthing classes are experienced with the therapeutic playing of the Gong, you are able to transcend and clear the past pains of life and birth,and become reborn into your original Self.

Now you can experience these powerful classes and the transformational sound of the Gong with Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer Mehtab Benton, originator of Gong Yoga and the author of Gong Therapy.


Mehtab and his wife Laura, lead Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainers. Will use the sound of the gong throughout kriyas, meditations and guided visualizations as originally taught by their teacher Yogi Bhajan.

This workshop intensive will clear the subconscious mind of its old patterns and is a powerful meditation experience for the day of Summer Solstice.

Når: 21. juni 2019

Tid: 9.00 - 16.00

Hvor: Pax Kundalini Yoga, Storgata 51, 300 Hokksund

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