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The woolen yogamat from The Spirit of OM with the motive Flower of Life is unique and something special: made of pure new wool, soft and yet dense enough to ensure enough grip, in a thickness of about 2 cm, a woven and impressive motive Flower of Life, and a anti-slippery underside made of cotton coated with latex.

The measures of this natural yoga mat follow the science of Feng Shui, and the rounded edges create a special sense of harmony.

  • Material: 100% Merino new wool
  • Underside: cotton, coated with Latex
  • Size: 198 x 85 cm (Feng Shui measure)
  • Rounded edges
  • Produced in Germany.
  • Washable with hand wash (cold)


Yogamatte ull "Flower of life" 198 x 85 cm

kr 1 595,00Pris
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