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Cacao Seremony


This cacao ceremony is based on the tradition of the Mayan. They believed that we come from the stars. We will use the Mayan 4 directions to call for love, light and positive energy from mother earth.

You will be invited to enjoy a cup of homemade cacao to fully relax and open your heart to the sound of the crystal bowls, rain stick and gong. You will be guided softly and effortlessly
into a relaxation session enticing total calmness in the mind and body.

Let’s welcome the light into our life to give us strength so come and join us to experience the Mayan’s state of oneness in consciousness.

Det er fint med varme, ledige klær og en vannflaske. Du finner matter, puter og pledd i lokalet og du får servert hjemmelaget, økologisk, ren kakao laget på alternativ melk, så ingen melkeprodukter.

Språk, både engelsk og norsk.

Når: Lørdag 27. januar kl 16.30-18.30

Påmelding til:

Pris 300,- . Vipps til nr 140229 ved bekreftet plass.

Welcome - Love and light,
Kat, Nina

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